VWC at Arm Gallery

No more land West

2020 - 2021

Visitor Welcome Center lovingly presents No More Land West, a series of exhibitions by 30 artists at Arm Gallery. As we gently seek a new and accessible location as well as an expansive and inclusive model from which to operate, we will continue 2020’s programming on the left arm of John Burtle. After five years on the corner of Koreatown's 7th and Westmoreland, and in the midst of the world taking a break from each others' company, No More Land West asks each artist to take up humility and work small for a moment, with the hopes of when this is all over, each piece and all of us can be together in the same room, once again.


Pamela Jorden, Liz Ahn, Josh Atlas, Carole Anne Bell, Amanda Choo Quan, Victor Yanez - Lazcano & Livien Yin, Laub, Laub, Zoë Marden, Emily Marchand, Anna Mayer, Alan Nakagawa, Justin Olerud, Benny Reiss, Cassie Riger, Hannah Lee & Jordan Ruffin, Joshua Schaedel, Xinyue Yan, Kim Ye, Michael Zahn, Ruiling Zhang, Joeun Kim Aatchim, Sonia Louise Davis, Linda Fernandez & Keir Johnston, iris yirei hu, Brittany Ko, Ann Leese, Noah Spindler, Hannah Kim Varamini, Paula Wilson, Sonia Louise Davis, Linda Fernandez and Keir Johnston,

Pamela Jorden, Small Planets, 2020.

Liz Ahn, Spring Fish, 2020.

Josh Atlas, 100 feet of SKY, 2020.

Carole Anne Bell, The plastic in our oceans, 2020.

Amanda Choo Quan, Putting All This Behind Me, 2021. White meat and Green seasoning.

iris yirei hu, Re: generative kit (for John) 2021

Victor Yanez-Lazcano & Livien Yin, Have it Both Ways: Sublime Bronze SPF 50, 2020. Self-tanning lotion & sunscreen.

Laub, glass jump rope, 2020.

Ann Leese, The Anosuit, 2021. Nylon, packing blankets,  vinyl, dry erase marker

Emily Marchand, Botanical Vessels, 2020. Ceramic

Anna Mayer, Mourning Ware (Funeral Fringe), 2020. Ceramic, purchased clay embedded with found clay surfaced by drought in Niland CA, cut up discarded inner tube. 2 x 4 x 1 inches

Alan Nakagawa, Sea and Space/John’s Arm, 2020. 

Justin Olerud, Armz Charmz 1, 2020. Watercolor and leaf on linen.

Benny Reiss, untitled, 2020. Epoxy, acrylic, styrene, cloth, adhesive.

- Watch Thumbs for Arm Full Video -
Cassie Riger, Thumbs for Arm: three ways to twiddle your thumbs, 2020.

- Read One-Act play -
Jordan Ruffin & Hannah Lee, A One-Act play, 2020. 

Josh Schaedel, 2020.

Noah Spindler,  Boondoggled (search for a semblance of home), 2019 - 2020. Plastic yarn, dried gourd, acrilyic, epoxy, found objects. 

- Read Dalgona Ghosts -
Hannah Kim Varamini, Dalgona Ghosts, 2020. Found bullet, Dalgona candy (sugar, baking soda).

Xinyue Yan, hold on II, 2020. Oil on canvas. 2 x 4 inches.

Kim Ye, letting go of letting go, 2020/2021. Hair.

Zoë Marden, Mermania: tales of tentacularity, 2020.

Michael Zahn, Souvenir From Pioneer Village, 2020. Basswood, cotton, oil paint, piano wire, seersucker.

- Read Open Letter -
Ruiling Zhang, Open Letter, 2020.  

Sonia Louise Davis, purple music, 2021. Dyed wool and acrylic yarns, polyester backing cloth, felt, button, elastic. 7 x 3.5 x 1 inches.

Linda Fernandez and Keir Johnston, 2021. Mulberry paper, wood skewers and white diodes.

brittany ko, 2021, Sponge, mustard seeds and string.