Noah Spindler

First Wish

November 17 - December 22, 2018

Visitor Welcome Center presents First Wish, a solo exhibition by Noah Spindler. Made while living in Michigan over the past two years, First Wish is a reflection of the artist’s longing for Southern California, where he spent the majority of his life. Sculpted from materials found in the built environment, such as drywall, plastic, cardboard, and trees, Spindler furnishes an empty room from the distance that is poetry, the longing that grows into form, and the heartache that brokers return.

Sitting in the corners of the room, three sculptures carved from fallen palm fronds recall the base of urban light posts. Window guards made from crushed egg shells and feathers speak to the fallacy of security within urban and suburban homes. Fixated on nostalgia teetering between protection and destruction, a drywall replica of the artist’s childhood toy, a U.S. bomber aircraft, looms above. Together, the sculptures expose the infrastructural and social connections and fissures in his lived experience. Punctuating pivotal moments of his upbringing, the artist asks visitors to turn to the banal, through which the American dream materializes and erodes. From the slow burn of a beautifully dilapidated sunset, the artist builds a space where his spirit finds solace and where the hazy, thickening smog of Southern California becomes an amnesiac’s paradise.

Noah Spindler (b. 1986, Laguna Beach, CA) is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. He studied photography at Orange Coast College and received a BA from UCLA in Art. Spindler has shown with Control Room and GAIT LA, and has been reviewed in CARLA.