Guan Rong and Andy Cao

OneHouse ArtExperience

September 22 - October 20, 2018

Guan Rong (b. 1981, Tianjin, China) is the founder and primary teacher of OneHouse ArtExperience. She has exhibited at Metro PCS, Armory Center for the Arts, Human Resources, Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, Celia Bakery, Fourth Wall, Mess Hall in Chicago, Prove in Duluth, and Fox River in Singapore. She has written three books, a movie, and a fashion magazine, and her writing has been included in several zines. Her goals for 2018 are to fix her back, work on the museum, and try to be happy and free almost every day.

Andy Cao (b. 199x, New York, NY) met Guan Rong through collaborating at the Velaslavasay Panorama and now works at OneHouse ArtExperience two days a week—building relationships, brainstorming, and pulling weeds. Andy is a game designer, video artist, musician and performer. Andy’s work deals primarily with their identity as an Asian-American millennial parenting themselves from the little girl of their childhood.