Kim Ye


March 17 - April 21, 2018

Lady Scumbag can best be described as a counterfeit Basic Bitch. Crass, self-interested, and grimy on the inside, she puts herself first, using her well-honed—if undisguised—feminine wiles to suck the resources out of unsuspecting bros and other human accessories that lay in her path. Wrapped in a thin veneer of sweetness, Lady Scumbag is a lady first but definitely not foremost. She’ll drink your beer and then piss on your lawn. Amoral, not immoral, her motives are not fueled by vindictiveness or cruelty—rather her super power stems from a blatant disregard of others’ perceptions and judgments of her character. And while lying is not her preferred method for accruing the currency of her choice, Lady Scumbag does excel at twisting the expected ambiguity of femme communication to her advantage. Utilizing desire as the path of least resistance, She is her own protagonist and can often be found with other Lady Scumbags scheming in plain sight.

At Visitor Welcome Center, expect to walk into a parlor-like maternity ward, where you will help prepare for the birth of Lady Scumbag. Here, an immersive installation turned co-working space geared towards femmes, park at one of our workstations and learn the secrets of the feminine arts. Get cozy on the couch, kick back on the chaise and learn to do your own makeup for your superior selfie potential. You can even embroider your very own utility bags, panties and merchandise with the Lady Scumbag brand. Collectively, we’re in labor to deliver the ultimate, powerful Lady Scumbag—self-possessed and unapologetic in her femme-ness—destined to take on the world.

CLICK HERE to help birth Ladyscumbag!

Kim Ye (b. 1984, Beijing, China) is a Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary artist whose work incorporates social practice, installation, video, performance, sculpture, and the written word. She received her MFA from UCLA (2012) and her BA from Pomona College (2007). Her work traces the circulation of power by exploring concepts of labor, intimacy, and the exchange between an artist and their audience. She has performed and exhibited nationally and internationally at The Hammer Museum, Getty Center, Moran Bondaroff, Material Art Fair, Human Resources, Machine Project, California Institute of the Arts, Pomona College Museum of Art, ACRE, Satellite Art Fair, and Visitor Welcome Center among others. She has been invited as a visiting artist and given talks at institutions such as Virginia Commonwealth University, Pomona College, University of California Los Angeles, and Loyola Marymount University.