Alan Nakagawa

Survey of eight artist residencies and the premiere of dreamers; Cornell said birdhouses are dreamcatchers (for Shizue Yamashiro)

January 20 - Febuary 24, 2018

Alan Nakagawa is an interdisciplinary artist primarily working with sound, video, sculpture, drawing, paint, performance, food and most recently perfumes.

Since 2014, he has been working on a semi-autobiographic sound-based environment, utilizing multi-point audio field recordings of interiors; Peace Resonance; Hiroshima/Wendover combines recordings of the Hiroshima Atomic Dome (Hiroshima, Japan) and Wendover Hangar (Utah); Conical Sound; Antoni Gaudi and Simon Rodia combines recordings of Watts Towers (Los Angeles) and the Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain).

Nakagawa is currently the Artist in Resident for Great Streets, a neighborhood improvement program through the Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles. He recently completed a fourteen-month residency with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. Other residencies recently completed include the Getty Villa (2016), Smithsonian Museum of American History (2015), Cerritos College Printmaking Studio (2017) and Echo Park Film Center (2017).

He is the host of VISITINGS Radio Show on DUBLAB radio 99.1 FM, co-founder of the now defunct arts collective Collage Ensemble Inc. (1984-2011) and was the curator of Ear Meal Webcast (2010-2016). Nakagawa is a recipient of two Art Matters grants, City of Los Angeles Artist Fellowship, California Community Foundation Mid-Career Artist Fellowship and a Monbusho Scholarsh.